About Us

Our Mission

Every company with a supply chain needs a blockchain strategy today just as every company has multiple internet strategies. We see a radical transformation happening in the food, beverage and high value consumer goods supply chains that present big opportunities for transparency and efficiency gains for the brands, manufacturers, logistics providers and suppliers alike, that make up those ecosystems.  
Our mission is to be the go to partner for forward thinking brands and suppliers who want to transform their supply chain operations to become streamlined and trusted so as to a) grow customer loyalty and b) increase product volumes. Coming from some of the earliest companies to bring real world blockchain projects to market, our experience taught us that a successful blockchain strategy is much like any other form of business change, where people and processes matter as much as the technology. 

Blockchain will remove bottlenecks and bring unforeseen levels of transparency and speed in to supply chains. We believe that companies who act now have a huge advantage in being market leaders in this new way of doing business. 

Who we are

Francis, Co-Founder

A graduate of Cass Business School in London, Frank has been in the blockchain space since 2015. He left the foremost global venture builder Rocket Internet to design the blockchain strategy for a top venture-backed medium enterprise that became the first company to issue a blockchain-based trade finance transaction. The company’s clients included Nestle, Colgate and Unilever and other top 10 consumer goods companies. He believes that blockchain strategies will be as ubiquitous and fundamental to a company’s success as internet utilisation. He wants to take his practical learnings to help companies come to terms with the nuanced business changes that blockchain brings about and to successfully guide their transition towards decentralised business activities and processes. 

Michal, Co-Founder

Michal has an extensive background in the crypto space having served as product manager OktAI, blockchain infrastructure for an AI marketplace where he was responsible for blockchain, ecosystem, and token design and token offering fundraising process from technical, legal and business perspective. Prior to that, Michal worked in a fintech-focused corporate VC fund. Michal holds a master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Economy and Computer Science.

Our Partners

Supply Chain Specialists

Alfredo, Viscontis CEO, has been in the Food & Bev industry for the last 20 years; working on Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics management for medium and large companies across Europe. He worked for one of the UK’s leading food wholesale groups, working alongside leading minds in the industry on large scale supply chain software implementation projects. He is an industry expert when it comes to innovating and improving business processes in SME supply chains.

Blockchain & Software Specialists

Cygnet Infotech is one of the most trusted names in the IT space delivering technology solutions to global clients across 35 countries. Cygnet has deep industry and business process expertise, global resources and a proven track record in delivering innovative blockchain technology solutions. Technology experts at Cygnet have been working with global brands to drive a new wave of innovation using the rule-based intelligence of blockchain.

Ulam Labs is a software development company doing Python programming, DevOps and Blockchain development. Ulam Labs supports start-up and scaling up companies from across verticals. Their professional customer focus approach and proven technical skills lead them to be listed amongst GoodFirms ‘Top Software Development Companies’.

Transylvania Labs is a business driven research and development lab with deep expertise in Blockchain technologies, enterprise architectures and AI, among other cutting edge technologies. They have impeccable track record with clients when it comes to blockchain applications and protocols.

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