We provide three distinct training packages. Company wide workshops, individual employee up-skilling as well as customised materials around blockchain impact in your supply chain. 

All workshops come with packaged training materials which are updated every six months. Training and workshops can be provided in-house if in London otherwise on a remote basis.

Company Workshop

Customisable “Blockchain in Your Supply Chain” company workshop.

Customised Materials 

Purpose built training materials for executing blockchain projects.

1:1 Training

Employee Up-skilling Program to equip an internal employee to become the in-house blockchain expert.


Business Value Assessment

Identify high value use cases and ensure ROI beyond a threshold before developing.

Business Process Modelling

Create an As-Is vs To-Be template of the company’s current business processes against the blockchain version.

Feasibility Study

Undertake feasibility study for company in question. Ensure the resources and technical requirements are in place.

Use Case Optimization

Optimize use case to create ’10x’ improvement over existing version. 


We provide blockchain consulting to ideate, develop and optimise a blockchain use cases to unlock maximum value in your supply chain. Initial use case auditing is rapid and feedback on whether or not to pursue is provided soon at the start. 


We work with the best blockchain development partners in the market to design, develop and implement blockchain use cases whilst providing handover materials and ongoing support.

Blockchain Tool Selection

Select the appropriate protocols, infrastructure tools and platforms in the Blockchain stack.

Integration & Implementation

We provide rapid integration and implementation support.

Application Development

We help companies develop blockchain-based applications.

Support & Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance where it’s needed. 

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